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My recommendation for using any tackifier is to read the manufacturer's literature and apply it as directed.  After seeing how sites hold up, you can try cutting back to find what works best for you and your jobs. 

Too little tack can cause a job to fail and going back is always more hassle and expense. 

However, too much tack can cause pumping problems.
Hydro Seeding Information / Re: Guar Gum vs. Polyacrylamide Tackifiers
« Last post by HydroMulcher on Yesterday at 04:13:56 PM »
What application rates are people using for both Guar and PAMs?
New to Hydro Seeding / Re: Bald Patches On First Job
« Last post by Turboguy on Yesterday at 12:51:49 PM »
It definitely won't hurt to add a bit more tack.  You may just find this was a fluke and the next jobs you do will go fine.  Once in a while I get one I have to go back to but fortunately it is pretty rare.   
Congratulations on your new machine Ryan.  I am glad to hear it was a great move and I am sure it will make your jobs go quicker and am glad that it has moved your business to a new level. 
The Business of HydroSeeding / Re: How big of a machine for residential/small commercial?
« Last post by StuveXT on Sat September 16, 2017, 07:12:26 PM »
Going to bump this up as this season jumped up to a 1000 gallon mounted on a truck.  I went with a 1000 gallon Turfmaker mounted on a Ford F550.  The hydroseeder is gas engine (32 hp Kohler) with normal belt drive and steel gear pump.  I went that way mainly to save money, the diesel option was a lot in my opinion.  I went back and forth but also went cheap and did not go with the hydraulic drive.  Did have a full deck/railing setup with tower gun.  Only other thing was the electric hose reel, like that at the end of the day.

I am shocked how much more we can spray compared to the 550, loading is so much easier.  Having the hydroseeder on the truck is very nice compared to backing the trailer mounted hydroseeder on jobs.  Having everything(skidsteer for prep) along in one trip saves a lot of time.  Jobs that were taking 2 days (one day prep, one day spray) are now one day!  Sometimes a long day but it sure helps.  It has moved the business to a whole new level.
New to Hydro Seeding / Re: Bald Patches On First Job
« Last post by hanls on Fri September 15, 2017, 11:01:58 PM »
Would you advise to add additional tack separately to the mulch for the next spray? I think the Conwed 2000 has tack but maybe not a lot. What is the recommended quantity of tack to be added to the Finn T120? Thank you.
Free Classifieds / Re: Turbo turf 150 gallon hydroseeder
« Last post by Husky05 on Fri September 15, 2017, 08:52:21 PM »
Well let's make a deal 2k?
New to Hydro Seeding / Re: Bald Patches On First Job
« Last post by Turboguy on Fri September 15, 2017, 07:44:17 PM »
Thanks for posting the photos.  It does help illustrate your results.   If you didn't use tackifier in your mix that was most likely the problem.

I am surprised to hear the birds were eating the seed.  I have never seen birds bother hydroseed but you may have different birds there that don't mind the hydroseed.
Without specifics, the Finn Titan and Epic's HO units are are getting upwards of 320' from the tower. 
There are too many variables to really give you an exact answer.   This could depend on the machine you are using, the size of the hose and the material you are spraying.  I do think the odds are pretty good you could safely push through 400 feet of hose.  The elevation can even be a factor.  If you were spraying down a steep hillside 300 feet in altitude below the machine you could probably spray through 1000 feet and have so much pressure and flow you would have a hard time holding on to the hose.  Likewise if you were spraying way above the machine the pressure is going to be reduced. 
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