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Re: Hose Recommendations
« Reply #15 on: Mon May 22, 2017, 05:22:58 PM »
As a dealer, we ordered our bulk hose from one of several sources.  One of our favorites was a company in the Mid-Atlantic region known as TIPCO Technologies. 

Their website is

You may have a similar type supplier closer.
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Re: Hose Recommendations
« Reply #16 on: Tue May 23, 2017, 09:27:27 AM »
200' hoses are not always the best option.   If you clog the hose you have a real job clearing 200' as opposed to a 100' section.   Using Scovil free flow fittings eliminates clog points.
NylaBraid / Clear hose is a nice option but does have some draw backs.  It can get very soft in hot weather which makes it susceptible to flattening and creases.  My hose shop also expressed concerns about pressing on the fittings because of the strength of the wall but I have never experienced a blowout.  It's a trade off for the lighter weight of the hose compared to the standard black hose.
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Re: Hose Recommendations
« Reply #17 on: Tue May 23, 2017, 04:48:01 PM »
As far as the spiral reinforced hose at one time or another we have probably bought hose from every manufacturer out there and I have never seen it in lengths over 100 feet at least in the diameter we work with.  As far as the braided hose I would suspect the same but I have less experience with it.   
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Re: Hose Recommendations
« Reply #18 on: Thu May 25, 2017, 10:21:46 PM »
I was talking to a friend here that owns a underground sprinkler company.  He showed me a 1" hose that they use.  I am inquiring about it through the company to see if it's available in 1.25" also.  Out of all the different types of hoses that I've looked at over the past couple weeks, this is by far the lightest.  With one finger, I held 100ft of this hose with full flow fittings.  It would be perfect for hydroseeding.  It will not flatten out and is very unlikely to kink.  I would say it is all the qualities you would want in a hose.  Now, just gotta see if it's available in 1.25".  It is less than 1/4 the weight of rubber hose easily and has a 300 psi rating.

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Re: Hose Recommendations
« Reply #19 on: Tue May 30, 2017, 08:59:12 PM »
Let us know your findings out about the new line red hose 300psi. I'm still up in the air on what kind of hose I want to try . I would be  tempted to try that hose in 1 inch if they don't have a larger size.
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Re: Hose Recommendations
« Reply #20 on: Wed June 07, 2017, 09:31:44 PM »
Ray... I came across some hose that may work and it was available in 1, 1-1/8, and 1-1/4.  How to you do the calculation to figure out material weight in the hose ? I would like to see what the numbers are dropping down to a 1-1/8 seeing most recommend not to go to 1 inch. Also a hose option that weighs the hose in it 29lbs per 100 ft with a 70 psi do you this a Finn t120 can swing that. Thanks

One thing you could look at is if you are using 1 1/2" hose you could look at switching to 1 1/4" hose.  Sometimes the small difference in diameter doesn't seem like it would make all that much difference but it feels like half the weight. It will however take you a little longer to spray.  I did some quick rough calculations and 100 feet of an 1 1/2" hose will have about 80 pounds of material in it along with the weight of the hose.  A 100' of 1 1/4" hose will have about 47 pounds of material plus the weight of the hose. 

I would love to find a lightweight hose that combined all the features we could ever dream of.  There are only two options that I am aware of. 

1.  There is a braided poly hose that is light.  I believe I am talking about the same thing that Bowie Man mentioned.   It is light.  It will degrade with sunlight over time but it takes 3-4 years.  It is less money than the rubber hose.  It will wear but will last quite a while.  The biggest complaint I have with it is it does kink easily. 

2.  There is another type of hose which is what we use on most of our units which is also a poly hose but has spiral reinforcements.  It too is light, actually a bit lighter than the braided hose.  It is very kink resistant.  It will degrade with sunlight.   I have seen guys use a hose for 4-5 years without a problem but if you are using it every day figure it should last 3-4 years.  It can be affected by abrasion but I have not seen a problem with abrasion from being dragged across the ground.  When it does start to go you will get pin hole leaks but some duck tape will keep it going.  The pressure rating is a bit less than the braided hose but I am using this hose with scovil fittings and often run with the bypass valve on the Bowie pump totally closed and it has no problem with the pressure.  We have had a number of Finn users buy this hose from us and they seem happy.   The only thing I will add is there are a number of manufacturers of this type of hose.  One of the largest is Kuriama.  We have had bad luck with their hose and if you go this route try to avoid that brand.
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Re: Hose Recommendations
« Reply #21 on: Thu June 08, 2017, 10:03:58 AM »
  How to you do the calculation to figure out material weight in the hose ?

Well the first step is to figure the area of a circle.  The circle being the inside diameter of the hose.  There are some online calculators that make it easy and keep you from needing to pull out your hair.

The area for the ID of a 1 1/8" hose is .99 inches
The area for the ID of a 1 1/4" hose is 1.23"

Next you figure the area for the length of the hose.  a 100' hose with 12" in a foot comes out to 1200 inches

Then you multiply the area for the diameter times the area of the length.   .99 x 1200 =1188     1.23 x 1200 = 1476

Now what that is telling you is that your 1 1/8" hose will have 1188 cu inches of material in it and the larger hose will have 1476

A cubic inch of water weighs 0.036127 pounds  (google will tell you that)

So we take .036127 x 1188 and you will have basically 43 pounds of material in the hose
We take .036127 x 1476 and that tells you that you will have a bit over 53 pounds of material in your hose with the 1 1/4"

Of course you add the weight of the hose to that.

A Finn unit can put out just a bit over the 70 PSI that the hose is rated for however like many things there is a margin of error built into that.  Typically about 50%.  This is common with a lot of things.  I know the company that we looked at as a hose supplier tested their hose which is rated about the same 70 PSI and went up over 135 PSI before they really had any problems so the PSI rating may be a touch low but should not cause any problems.  I have lots of Finn guys using our hose which has a similar rating and have not heard of any problems. 

There are different manufacturers of hose and the quality can vary.  For example quite a long time ago we tried some Kuriama "Tiger Flex" hose which looked identical to what we use and did not have good luck with it at all and we tried some Goodyear which was good but really stiff.  I think you will be fine trying that hose.

One other thing to keep in mind in the 1 1/4 vs 1 1/8 decision is that fittings for 1 1/4" might be far easier to find. 

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