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Hydroseeding a dog park
« on: Wed April 12, 2017, 11:39:34 PM »
Hi.  I've been hydroseeding as an extension of my landscape business for almost 4 years now and have had great success with residential and commercial jobs.  Recently I have been asked to place a bid on a local dog park we maintain.  Over the winter, the park was open and the dogs pulverized what little grass was left.  I plan on prepping with my landscape rake on my skid steer as I would any other property, but what would you guys recommend as far as seeding.  Normally I do 1/3 bag (50 lbs) water soluable fert, 1 bag (50 lbs) fescue seed, and 3 - 40 lb paper bales.   I own an MS Gregson 500 jet sprayer.  The area I have to cover is 24,000 sq feet and I do have access on site to a hydrant.  Like I said, I've had extremely good luck in the past with residential and commercial, but this is a high traffic area and I'd like to see some substantial growth.   I'm in Massachusetts and have access to SiteOne and Stateline Irrigation Supply.

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Re: Hydroseeding a dog park
« Reply #1 on: Thu April 13, 2017, 06:48:16 AM »
One of the nice things about a dog park is that it should turn into an annual job for you since you grow it in the spring and the dogs spend the rest of the year destroying it.

I just seeded "Lucky Paws" dog park last week for the second year in a row.  With the dog park I have done there were some areas where the grass was fine, some where there were bare spots and some where the grass was wiped out. 

The mix I used was pretty similar to what you are talking about, almost identical except my seed was a bluegrass, fescue, rye blend.   I guess that mix must have worked fine since I did the park last year and they had me back this year.  Good luck with the job.  I am sure it will turn out fine.  It sounds like you are doing everything right.
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Re: Hydroseeding a dog park
« Reply #2 on: Thu April 13, 2017, 11:49:53 AM »
That seed mix is exactly what I use.  Thank you for confirming this for me.


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