Certified HydroSeeding Certification Application

Applicants will be able to exhibit the knowledge and experience in the hydroseeding industry to qualify for Certification as a Hydroseedin g Professional.
There are three steps to becoming certified:

1.  Applicants must be IAHP members in good standing.  Membership information can be found at [HERE]

2. Completion of the CHP exam application.  The application highlights your past experience and education in the industry.  Upon review and approval of the completed application, the applicant will receive an internet link to the online exam via email.  The application must document a combined total of 20 points from the required certification areas.  Incomplete or rejected applications will be returned.  No refunds will be issued.

3. Successful completion of the Certified Hydroseeding Professional online exam.  A score of 75% or more is required for certification.  Candidates who score less than 75% will be required to reapply.  The application fee for each CHP exam attempt is $50.00 USD.

  Questions include the areas of

  • Proper selection of products including mulch, seed, fertilizer and other additives
  • Application techniques
  • Application computations
  • Environmental factors effecting germination
  • Good business practices

The exam will be scored immediately.  A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.
The following are required to maintain current certification:

1.   Six (6) Continuing Education credits, as outlined by the IAHP criteria, will be required bi-annually. 
2.   A current IAHP membership in good standing.  

A lapse in certification will require a repeat application and certification exam.

The completed application and all supporting documents must be scanned to a single .pdf file.  Please forward the completed certification application form and document package via email to:

Jennifer L Redick CPA MBA
IAHP Executive Director
[email protected]

CHP Application:

Name of Applicant: _________________________________________________________________
Company Name: ____________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________   Fax: :___________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________________
Website: _________________________________________________________
A combined total of 20 points is needed from the following areas.  Since not all credits may be accepted candidates are encouraged to submit more than 20 points.   Documentation verifying all credits is required to be submitted with the completed application.

                                                                                                                        Total Points

Years of experience - 1 point for each year                       _____________
(Proof of years in the hydroseeding industry required)
•   Business certificate or letter of incorporation
•   Proof of date of ownership of machine – can be bill of sale or letter from dealer
•   If an employee, a letter from company stating years of experience in the hydroseeding industry.
CHP Credits accumulated
*      Copy of a completed evaluation form for each CHP online seminar claimed.                           _____________
•   Verified by IAHP
Green Industry Credits from outside the IAHP  -  Up to 5 points        ______________
•   a synopsis of the course as well as the  hours attended must be submitted and approved
IAHP Membership – 1 point for every year of valid membership                            _____________
•   Verified by IAHP
IAHP Service – 1 point for every year of service                          ______________
•   Present or past board members
Formal Education – up to 10 points                     _______________
•   Formal degrees  (BS, BA ) from associated field submit proof of degree 
•   CPESC Certification
Professional References – up to 2 points                     ________________
•   Accepted from -  recognized  industry professional, a current Certified Hydroseeding Professional, Industry Supplier or Hydroseeding Contractor.
Manufacturers Training Credit – 3 points                      _______________
•   Documentation from a qualified dealer or manufacturer verifying 
training in the proper use and maintenance of hydroseeding equipment.

Total # of credits submitted for approval                                                        ________________

Submit the completed application along with all supporting documents via email.  Additional documentation may be requested.

I _________________________________, have completed the application and declare all the information to be true to the best of my knowledge.    



Amount  $50.00 USD, Please use our secure online payment to pay

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