About IAHP

The International Association of HydroSeeding Professionals was formed in 2004 to unify and assist the HydroSeeding industry. Over these few years, the membership of the IAHP has grown to hundreds of members worldwide that often describe the IAHP as the best business investment they have ever made. Our goal is to promote HydroSeeding, to provide a place for HydroSeeders to learn from each other and industry experts, to increase public awareness of our industry, and to help those in the HydroSeeding industry to promote their services and improve their profitability.

The emphasis of the IAHP is to provide real benefits to the members. Benefits such as the free listing on www.HydroSeedingExperts.com allow homeowners and end users to find a reliable HydroSeeding contractor and often provide enough additional business to the contractors that their memberships are paid for many times over.

The IAHP has created the Certified HydroSeeding Professional program to help its members learn more about the industry they work in and to give them a way to set themselves above their completion. Regional Expos are held annually that are educational and informative. Some have been factory tours of manufacturing plants in the industry, others have had expert speakers, and some have been more social in nature. The IAHP works with suppliers to get member discounts and free samples. The Forum provides a format where contractors, suppliers and manufacturers can interact with each other and with end users. The forum’s “Free Classifieds” are a good place to sell or buy used equipment.

For manufacturers, the IAHP provides benefits that far outweigh the cost of membership. An IAHP membership can provide more product leads than spending thousands of dollars on print advertising through the one stop shopping referrals. Supplier Members are encouraged to post new product info on the forum and to interact with and help their end users. Premium membership packages include banner ads on the IAHP Forum and in the IAHP Newsletters as well as a dedicated forum section. Supplier Members are given the opportunity to expand their respective spheres of influence by educating contractors through our online Certified HydroSeeding Professional program.

The International Association of HydroSeeding Professionals strives to be the best it can be and to provide real benefits for everyone involved. If you are not a member yet, we encourage you to join.