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Warm season turfgrass attributes and hydro seeding (RECORDED) Novmber 23rd 2021 Presented by Leah A Brilman, Phd, Seed Research of Oregon Member Price: $40.00 Register Now Non-Member Price: $60.00 Register Now

Mark Kerns, Marks, TLC, Pottstown PA

A membership in the IAHP is definitely “The best $100 investment you’ll ever make!” The benefits can’t be beat… Thank you IAHP. The $100.00 is money wellllllll spent. In less than 3 weeks I’ve had 10 calls from customers referring to the online ad from IAHP. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Jason Williams, SowGreen, Atlanta

About 85% of our completed jobs have came from our listing on People this is not an exaggeration, the yellow pages can’t even make that claim and in the Atlanta area you’re talking $200 a month for a small listing.