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IAHP Members - Sorry but Free Web Site Hosting for IAHP members has been discontinued

We thought this would be a nice benefit to our IAHP members but do to low demand and the amount of time it took to set up the free hosting for our members we have discontinued offering this benefit. We will contnue to host those domains that are set up for the immediate future and will try to move them to another free hosting plaform in the future.

We will leave the following information as a general guide to web sites.

The internet can be a powerful tool. It is like a silent salesman that can greatly expand your business. It is an opportunity to show off your work and to tell the world about your services. Because the IAHP realizes how important a website is and how much it can contribute to the success of our members we want to do all we can to help all our members have an affordable website. All contractor members are eligible for FREE website hosting. If you have a website now you are welcome to use our hosting for free and typically you can save yourself nearly the cost of membership. If you don’t have a website the IAHP will do our best to make it economical and painless. If you don’t know much about web sites, here are the basics.

Web Site Basics

There are three parts to getting a web site up and running:

  1. Domain Name: The website name also called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). This is the address you type in a browser to go to a web site. You buy this from a Domain Registration company. The cost is about $ 10.00 a year. The company we recommend is GoDaddy. You can go to their website and try out names until you find the one you like and just sign up there. Every year you will pay them $10.00 to keep your name active and to ensure that no one else can get your name. This is the main continuing cost for your web site but as far as most business expenses go this is a cheap one.

  2. Hosting: There are many hosting companies. A hosting company will basically have many computers that are hooked to the Internet all the time and you are buying storage space on their computers. The cost for hosting is usually around $ 100.00 a year but can range from about $ 50.00 to thousands of dollars or even more with a very complex site.

  3. Content: These are the words, photos and layout that appear when someone types in your domain address (URL). To make the photos and words appear in your browser the web sites are usually coded or written in a programming language called HTML (hypertext markup language) and often they also use something called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets.) HTML is not a very complex coding language to learn and most people can learn it themselves in a few months spare time and do their own website.


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