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For sale Finn T90T II ready to make money $17,900.00
« on: Wed December 06, 2017, 03:57:17 PM »
I was going through a broker to sell a T90T II Finn hydron seeder and its been now 5-6 times he said he had a interested buyer. Well none panned out, think I need to be able to talk to buyer myself even though really to busy to do that.

Anyways I have a T90T II for sale. 1550 hrs on it. It is going out 2-3 times a week still making money. I am selling because I have 2 90's and want to sell one to put a down payment on larger model. The machine is in good condition. I am going to be honest with any flaw it has, which are minor inexpensive flaws, that can be down, but this machine is ready to go make money. For the price and if I was looking for model of this type, condition, and cost, I would jump on it. I priced out similar models and comps, and feel I am about 20-30% under going rate. I want to get tax break for end of year on buying larger model, so thus why I want to sell it fast and competative priced. Hope this ends up in hands of someone looking fro a break on a used machine. I have of course certificate of origin, all legal serial number is ss-2570. Many sites offer to do search on serial numbers to ensure all is good.

Looking for $17,900.00 FOR IT.


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