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Alex Szigedi

Owner of NC Hydroseedingbased out of Raeford, North Carolina.

Background: Retired from the US Army in 1999 and transitioned to a DoD contractor focused on overseas support. In 2008 started NC Hydroseeding as the beginnings of a transition plan from DoD contracts to "Open" contracts. This transition focused on providing a cost effective option for Erosion Control and seeding to contractors, home owners, and the government from sod or other expensive solutions. 

IAHP: 1st joined the IAHP in '08 (or so) after I purchased my 1st hydroseeder (a Turbo Turf TT-500 Hybrid) from the IAHP Classifieds. I (like many of you reading this) was referred to the IAHP from a current Hydroseeding Professional. Since joining the IAHP my hydroseeding fleet has grown too include a 1200 and 3300 gallon machine, a couple of skid steers, a couple of small prep machines, and follow on weed treatment equipment.  I began attending the IAHP seminars immediately after joining to gain knowledge in the profession (BTW... I attended a bunch of these and recouped my association fee on discounts in the first year). I was nominated to the IAHP board based on interaction within these seminars and as time progressed, have transitioned from Secretary to President... it's been fun, AND Profitable.



IAHP Certified Applicator

NC DoT Certified Erosion Control Installer/Inspector

NC Licensed Pesticide Applicator

Professional Associations: IECA (International Erosion Control Association), IAHP (International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals), NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals [previously PLANET]), and TCNC (Turf Council of North Carolina).