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Ed Dugan

He has Certifications in the Hydroseeding Industry from the IAHP, Bowie Industries and Mat inc. (Soil Guard Applicator)

Ed has been in the landscape industry for almost 38 years. After graduating from Cook College, Rutgers University with a BS degree in Horticulture, he built a successful landscape contractor business which operated for 20 years. Opportunities allowed him to move onto regional and nationa sales for various Hydroseeding and Erosion Control Equipment and Supply Companies. In 2007 he opened and still operates Northeast Bowie Sales one of the top Bowie Industries dealerships. The company also sells hydroseeding and erosion control materials to customers involved in all types of commercial projects as well as providing technical advice for site specific issues.

Ed has been happily married for over 30 years and is the proud father of two children. He still resides in the home they bought 28 years ago.