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HydroSeeding Seeds

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HydroSeeding Seeds


Grass seeds come in many varieties. Some of the ones you will see are:

    • Kentucky Blue Grass This is one of the most important grasses in cool season areas. For a high quality dense turf with a good green to dark green color. It is widely used in home lawns, athletic fields and golf course fairways and roughs and parks. It is often used in a mixture with Ryegrass and/or fescue.


    • Tall Fescue New varieties of tall fescue are very tolerant to wear. This is a bunch type grass that does well in cooler climates. These grasses are suitable for home lawns, golf course roughs, erosion control and athletic fields.
    • Perennial Rye This is a medium textured grass that grows very uniformly. It is best used in cool regions. It will establish a new lawn very quickly and is often used in a blend with Blue Grass or Fescue. It is also used as a cover crop with slower germinating seeds such as centipede and crown vetch.


    • Centipede This is a good low maintenance lawn grass for homeowners who want an easy to care for lawn. It is a warm season grass that grows slow and does not require a lot of mowing It can be planted from seed sod, or sprigs.


    • Carpet rass This is a medium texture warm region grass that does not require a lot of maintenance. It is suitable for very wet areas.


    • Bermuda This comes in two types IMPROVED and COMMON. The improved is a high quality, high maintenance often used for golf courses in the south. The common Bermudas are used for lawns and for pastures but are not recommended for shady areas.


    • Bahia This is a medium-fine bladed warm climate grass that requires minimum maintenance. It has good drought resistance. It is used a lot in pastures and roadsides in southern areas. It will do well in shade but does require some sun. It likes acid soils. It can be planted by seed, sod or springs.


    • St Augustine This is a fast growing, warm climate shade grass. It grows well in areas with high salt content. It does not handle drought conditions well and is prone to problems with some pests. . At this time seeds are not generally commercially available. It can be planted with sprigs or sod.


    • Zoysia This is a warm season grass suitable for the deep south. It is slow to grow and seeds are slow to establish. It has good resistance to drought, insects and wear. It is difficult to mow and has wiry blades.


  • Bent This is a high quality grass often used for greens and tees. It is a high maintenance grass that can tolerate close mowing. It can be planted by seed or sod.

Seed sources

Wild flowers, Native Seeds :





    • Ion Exchange Iowa 800-291-2143





    • Pro Lawn Supply Worcester MA


  • Wheatland West Seed 1-800-676-0191

Turf Seeds





Seed Information

    • National Turfgrass Evaluation Program





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