Machines come in two main types, jet agitated and mechanically agitated. Jet machines use a powerful flow to circulate the slurry and quickly mix materials.

Mechanically agitated units use one or more paddles to mix the material and a centrifugal or gear pump to pump out the slurry. Mechanically agitated units will handle a wider range of materials and a thicker slurry. Any type of paper, wood, blend or erosion control material can be used in a mechanically agitated hydroseeding unit. Units are available with both gear and centrifugal pumps.

Mechanically agitated units are good choices for residential and commercial lawn installations and erosion control work. What size unit to buy? Many hydroseeding contractors wish they had a larger unit. Units are manufactured from 50 gallon size to 4000+ gallon sizes.
For residential and commercial installations, many contractors feel a 300 (+/-) gallon unit is the minimum although many have done well with smaller units. Larger units allow more seeding with less refilling.

Some contractors are able to do larger jobs effectively with a smaller unit and a nurse tank which allows an operator to seed larger areas more quickly. Some of the factors that should be considered are the size and type jobs that are expected, the equipment budget, the transportation equipment available and the importance of efficiency.


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